Powerful, high performance remote access and control of your Windows desktop from
your iPhone or iPad

NOW, view Flash on your iPhone or iPad!

* Please verify your setup by reading our System Requirements.
* Not compatible with Windows 10 Upgrades.
* If your question is not addressed in Resources and Help, please email support@pc2me.net.

Resources and Help

We offer the following online resources to help you work with PC2Me.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Recent SUPPORT Topics

    • * VIEW FLASH - V: 5.3.0 *, Update to the newest PC2ME native app from iTunes and the Windows server program to view websites with FLASH. To invoke FLASH, hover over the area on the website that has flash content.

      Stab down with a quick two fingers to invoke the pink toolbar & press the V. After a moment of buffering you should see the flash video begin.

    • Touchscreen Controls, Click to review how to best control your desktop using the iPhone & iPad touchscreen mouse controls.

12 Month Safari Browser Interface/Remote Connection Option

  • Options, describes the Safari browser access. This is control (without sound) from a smart device or PC, remotely accessing the Windows server computer with your unique PC2Me server identity and login credentials.

Specific technical articles

Helpful tools

  • http://iphonenetworktest.com - Test your iPhone bandwidth if you are having trouble remotely controlling your desktop. We suggest that you bookmark this site.
  • Check the download and upload speeds you have at the location/network where your webcams and their software run (i.e. Your home or office computer network). Use SpeedTest.net to verify the upload and download speeds your ISP has alloted you according to your internet selections package.

Support Contacts

Support Room Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:30PM EDT
Email Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:30PM EDT

* Saturday morning (emails received by noon)

* Sunday evening (emails received by 6:00 PM)

* Occasional other hours - Closed on US National Holidays

Voicemail Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:30PM EDT
EDT = Eastern Daylight Time (USA-Massachusetts-Boston)
Hours may change during certain holidays. Notice is posted
here a few days before the holiday.
For time zone conversions, see www.timeanddate.com
  • Support Room: Click the graphic below for online chat with live reps here in the USA (if prompted, room password is: 123).

  • Ask Support a Question (ASAQ): Right-click the tiny blue PC2Me Server icon and select Ask Support A Question. Please provide a working email address and phone number, & a description of the issue. This form includes diagnostic information about your PC2Me Server that can help us resolve your issue faster.
  • E-mail - support@pc2me.net. Please set your email filters to allow all mail from {at}1stWorks.com and {at}pc2me.net. Be sure to check your spam or junk mailboxes for replies from us.
  • Or, call voicemail: 508-425-6613. Please leave a message. Thanks!

System Requirements

System requirements for the PC2Me Server are

  • The PC2Me Server runs on Windows XP, Vista 32-bit, Vista 64-bit, and Windows 7/8 on a PC, or on an Intel Mac in a Windows partition (such as Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion or Bootcamp).

    Existing PC2Me Customers Note: You may wish to hold off on upgrading your PC to Windows 10. Many features of PC2Me will work on Windows 10, however Desktop Control does not connect and control your desktop on most installations of Windows 10.
  • We recommend a broadband Internet connection, although actual requirements vary depending on your file size and the number of concurrent viewers.
  • PC2Me Server must be able to sustain a continuous TCP connection through outgoing ports, which is allowed by most personal firewalls and routers. It is not necessary to "open incoming ports", although in some cases it may provide faster service.
    See Connecting Online-Direct.
  • Sleep mode. Set your computer so that it does not go to sleep.
  • Screen saver password. PC2Me works with password-protected screensavers, through its "Initialize Security" feature.
  • System requirements for the remote access device are an iPhone or iPad with iOS7 and a remote Wi-Fi connection (or 3/4G or Edge).
  • Remote access through the Safari Interface requires a Safari browser on a PC or smart device and Desktop Control with or without sound needs a purchased PC2Me Native App on an iPhone, or iPad, with recent updates applied, minimum Apple device firmware level updated to the latest level.

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Revised August 2015