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Getting Started

This is what you do on your computer:

1.    Download and install the PC2ME Server on your Windows computer (yes, it has to be a Windows desktop, although it can be running in a Windows partition on a Mac, using a product such as Parallels or Bootcamp or VMware).

2.    Register your PC2ME Server, and choose your Personal Server Identity, such as myname, which becomes part of your PC2Me web address,

3.    Start the PC2Me Server on your desktop. It will connect to the 1stWorks VNS Server (our location server) and then automatically minimize to a tiny icon in the lower right corner of your Windows taskbar.

4.    Right click the icon and enter a Username and Password for your remote PC2Me login. You'll be prompted for this username and password when you log in remotely.

For detailed instructions, see PC2Me Server Setup.

... and on the iPhone:

1.    If you plan to use the PC2Me Plus native app for your remote access method, install the PC2Me Plus Native App from the Apple iPhone Store, and type in your PC2Me identity.

2.    On the iPhone, enter your Username and Password and tap Go.

3.   Your active desktop from your remote computer will then be presented on your iPhone. Choose any desktop application, Email, Word, Music or Video then launch and control it from your iPhone. Use the Touchscreen Controls to simulate mouse and keyboard functions from the iPhone or iPod touch touchscreen.

For detailed instructions, see PC2Me Plus Native App.


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