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File Transfer (Local Files)

Using your PC2Me Server and a PC2Me App, you can copy files from your PC to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch*. The files are copied to the PC2Me Local Files folder on your iPhone*. This feature is limited to file types recognized by the Apple OS on your iPhone*.

Also, when your iPhone* is docked to a PC running iTunes, you can use iTunes to view the list of files in the Local Files folder. Through iTunes File Sharing, you can save a file to your PC, add more files, or delete files from the Local Files folder.

File Transfer is not an extra-cost option. However, it is not supported in Safari.
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* iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Copying a File from PC to iPhone*

Before you start, you need a PC2Me Server running and online on your PC, and a PC2Me App on your iPhone*. This feature works with either PC2Me+ or PC2Me-Local.

To copy a file from your PC to your iPhone*

1. Open your PC2Me App
2. Select Connect.
3. Select PC Files.
4. Navigate to the file you want.
5. Click the filename to view it.
6. Click Send.
7. Click Local Copy.

The file is copied from your PC to the Local Files folder on your iPhone*.

Q: What types of files can I copy from PC to iPhone*?
A: Any file type that is allowed by Apple. Note: there may also be a size limitation.

Q: I don’t get a Send button.
A: That means that the file is not allowed on the iPhone*.

Q: Can I copy a file the other way, from my iPhone* to my PC?
A: Not directly through PC2Me. However, you can through iTunes, when your iPhone* is docked. See Managing Local Files through iTunes.

* iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Local Files Folder

To access the Local Files folder in your PC2Me App, click Files in the Main Screen. Or, click Connect, then click Local Files.

To open a file, click the filename.

To delete a file:

1. Click More.
2. Click Delete.
3. Click the delete icon next to the filename.
Note: or, swipe from left-to-right on the filename. This is an Apple gesture that gives you a Delete button.

Q: Where are the Local Files stored on my iPhone*?
A: In a special folder that we’ve registered with Apple. In your PC2Me App, click Files, or Connect and then Local Files.

* iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Managing Local Files through iTunes

You can manage the Local Files folder through the iTunes File Sharing feature:

1. Open iTunes, dock your iPhone*
2. Click your device
3. Click the Apps tab
4. Scroll down to the File Sharing section
5. Click PC2Me in the left column to see the iTunes view of your Local Files list.

In iTunes:

To delete a file, click the filename in the right column and press your Delete key.

To add a file, drag-and-drop a file from your PC into the right-column, or click the Add button.

To save a file to a specific place on your PC, click the filename and select Save to to save it on your PC.

Q:Can I see the Local files in iTunes when my iPhone* is not docked?
A: No. iTunes gives you a real-time view of the files listed in your PC2Me Local Files folder on your iPhone*. Your iPhone* must be docked. Any changes made through the iTunes view are immediate.

Q: If I delete a file through PC2Me Local Files or the iTunes view, is the original file on my PC still OK?
A: Yes. The file in PC2Me Local Files, which you see in the iTunes list, is only a copy. Deleting the file from Local Files does not delete the original file.

Q: Does this feature work with either PC2Me+ or PC2Me Local?
A: Yes.

* iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


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