Powerful, high performance remote access and control of your Windows desktop from
your iPhone or iPad

NOW, view Flash on your iPhone or iPad!

PC2ME is created by 1stWorks Corporation, who can also be found at www.1stWorks.com, www.hotcomm.com, www.OnlineTraderCentral.com and www.cams2me.net - The iOS native app for Home & Office security & surveillance.

1stWorks Corporation is a real-time software communications company with solutions for secure collaboration, conferencing, and multimedia content delivery - employing its highly secure encryption and patented data compression technology, Quantized Indexing. Twenty thousand customers worldwide in 80+ countries already use hotComm's software platform, join its' Online Trader Central daytrading webinars and use CAMS2ME the convenient, secure data collection app for remote security suite control from an iDevice.

About PC2ME

PC2ME is the most full featured remote control and access app for iPhone and iPad. With enhanced speed and versatility, PC2ME is simple, efficient and convenient. Imagine the ability to have your PC in your pocket at all times, wherever you go, whenever you need access to your home or office Windows computer.

But that’s not all it does! You can access your files, listen to your entire music library, and perform file transfers - one of the very few apps for iOS that has that feature! Seamlessly navigate from App Control to File View, connect to more than one computer, view multiple monitor screens, PC2ME has it all - and it has it for just 9.99!

When many other solutions cost you upwards of $30.00 (to $150.00!), $9.99 USD is our low price that you pay once only to iTunes, and own it for a lifetime.

PC2ME Simple, secure, convenience at your fingertips!

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