Powerful, high performance remote access and control of your Windows desktop from
your iPhone or iPad

NOW, view Flash on your iPhone or iPad!

PC2Me, the native iPhone/iPad App for fingertip remote control of your Windows PC. Use your iPhone or iPad to access & control your computer from any 3/4G or remote Wi-Fi connection.

Multitask between apps, no need to log out of desktop control if you need to find a file. View any drive, select and display any file format supported by Apple, PLUS Adobe Flash, and you'll still have instant access to all your desktop programs. If the file format you want isn't supported on the mobile device, use the remote access feature of PC2Me to run the application on the PC and view and control it from the iPhone or iPad.

  • 1 Running multiple monitors?
    No problem, view them individually or as a virtual screen.
  • 2 Accessing multiple Windows systems?
    No problem, just give them different PC2Me server identities.
  • 3 Want to store a file from Windows to your iPhone or iPad for off line access? Simply move a copy.

Install PC2Me on your iOS device then download & install on Windows!